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11 December 2006 - Vol. # 12

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finally heading to retirement
police horses retiredAccording to a recent Newsday article, about 30 retired New York City Police Department horses will be relocated to other pastures under a deal that ends a legal fight between the City and the owner of an Orange County ranch. We appreciate that the City recognizes its responsibility to these horses. However, while the City may not have a legal responsibility for the retirement of the privately owned carriage horses, it has a moral responsibility, which it ignores.

Given every break by the City, including the use of some City owned stables and allowing a cash only business to exist, this industry gets rid of horses when they are no longer useful ? either too slow; too old or too sick. Some may be fortunate enough to retire to a farm ? but most go to the auctions where they are exposed to kill buyers.

Those in positions of power in City government turn their heads calling it a tourist attraction. But this is an assumption - said with no substantiating evidence. We, on the other hand, have evidence to the contrary - from the many people (tourists and New Yorkers) who have signed our petition asking that this industry be banned from NYC. Many tourists do not like to see these horses suffering on the streets. Many have told us that they have never seen sadder horses. They come to NYC for the theater, museums, restaurants and shopping - not for a carriage ride. It is past time for NYC to move into the 21st Century and to stop allowing the exploitation of these horses to continue. Tradition is no excuse for abuse.

Accidents in Portsmouth, England and Old Colorado City
british accidentThe BBC reports that on November 30, in Portsmouth, England, a horse pulling a cart was startled by a car, bolted and tried to jump a roadside railing. The cart prevented the horse from clearing the obstacle and he got wedged on the railing. Photo shows Firefighters using cutting equipment to release the horse.

Meanwhile, on December 2nd, KKTV reported that in Old Colorado City, a car, attempting to make a turn during an ice storm, barreled into a horse-drawn carriage and into the horse, Sammy, injuring his left hind leg. A passerby saw the accident first hand. ?I had to turn around. It was incredibly sad."

why not purchase ours and help the horses at the same time?
HOLIDAY CARDHoliday Cards, featuring Monty, the former carriage horse who was rescued from slaughter and is now living the good life in Massachusetts, are now available for purchase. The cards are a heavy quality paper with blue and white snow flakes on the front and back and feature a series of five images of Monty frolicking in the snow and having the time of his life. The inside of the card, which is white, reads "May you enjoy the simple pleasures of this Holiday Season." The back of the card has a short story of Monty and the plight of carriage horses. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Central New England Equine Rescue (CNEER) - home of Monty. There will be a limited quantity available so please send us your order as soon as possible. These are wonderful cards to send out or keep - no matter what holiday (or not) you observe.

To see more information about these beautiful cards, visit our web site. To read more about Monty, visit Happy Endings on the web site of the Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc.

PRICING: (5) cards - including postage and handling - $17.35; (10) cards - including postage and handling - $33.31; (20) cards - including postage and handling - $65.20; Checks or Cash only accepted. Checks must be made out to Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc.; P.O. Box 20247, Park West Station, New York, NY 10025. If you would like to pick up the cards in Manhattan at certain locations, let us know at the e-mail below and we will see if it can be accommodated.

Saturday, December 23rd
horse pulling carriageThe next time the Coalition to Ban Horse- Drawn Carriages will be tabling is Saturday, December 23rd. We will not be tabling the weekend of December 16th and 17th. If you can volunteer some time to help get signatures on petitions to the Mayor and City Council to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry, please contact Teresa at