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Horse Recovers After Getting Hit By Car

Old Colorado City - Dec 3, 2006
Reporter: Lauri Martin,

A horse is still recovering Sunday night after getting hit by a car during Saturday's snow storm. Apparently, a driver was trying to make a left hand turn at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Colbrunn, but because of the icy roads yesterday, the driver barreled right into the horse drawn carriage and into the horse.

Mike Solano owns Sammy, the horse. He shows us where Sammy’s left hind leg is hurt. “My poor child… I think of horses like kids.” Solano says he is surprised the horse is up and walking.

Amy Allen saw the accident first hand. “I had to turn around. It was incredibly sad." While Sammy is recovering, another horse, Rusty will be pulling overtime, trotting around the streets of Old Colorado City.

Sammy is heading to the vet tomorrow for X-rays to see exactly what's wrong with his leg.

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