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6 November 2006 - Vol. # 7

How this affects the carriage horse
Moose getting acupunctureOne of the questions we sometimes get is "What will happen to the carriage horses if you are successful in getting this industry outlawed -- won't they all be slaughtered? " We do not think this is a valid question because it suggests that this is not a possibility now. It most definitely is.

The law states that horses must be disposed of in a humane manner but does not offer any specifics. When a horse is no longer needed, he can be retired to a farm if he is lucky - or he can go to auction. At the auction, he is exposed to kill buyers looking for horse flesh. Anything is possible. If we are successful in getting a ban, we would like to be instrumental in finding good placement for the horses. With all the attention that will come to this issue, we are hopeful that it will be unlikely any will go to slaughter. New York City has the largest carriage horse trade in the US - certainly some of these horses have been slaughtered although it is hard to prove. See Temple Grandin's "Survey of Trucking Practices and Injury to Slaughter Horses." in which she mentions carriage horses.

This beautiful white Percheron pictured above is Moose, a former NYC carriage horse who was transported from auction to auction and finally rescued in Colorado where he was corralled and ready to be shipped to the slaughter house. He lived for one year at the rescue before his death and was much loved. A necropsy later revealed that Moose had extensive hip injuries that may have come from being hit by a car. He responded very well to acupuncture treatments as shown in the photo. Moose is no longer with us, but you can read more about him here.

Willie Nelson - special to CNN - 11/2/06
Willie NelsonIn a special article to CNN, Willie Nelson, a strong advocate for horses, encourages people to contact their senators to vote for S.1915 - the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. This bill may soon come up for a vote. Mr. Nelson says "Horses are all the things a truly evolved human should be. .......The most superhuman thing about horses is the contrast between their unearthly strength and inherent gentleness. Humans abuse their power while horses use theirs only for good. I'd rather be a horse."

headed for slaughter
Will Nelson's horsesKinky Friedman, who is running for governor of Texas, joined Willie Nelson at his Luck Ranch to push for congressional passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. The horses seen grazing contentedly were among 11 recently adopted by Nelson and saved from slaughter with their meat intended for overseas consumption. Texas is home to two foreign owned horse slaughter plants. Freeman has promised to shut them down if elected.

for American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
The next "official" call-in day to the Senate is November 13th - Next Monday. But why wait? Go to the Senate web site for contact information for your senator. Ask them to add their name if they are not yet a sponsor of S 1915 the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
North East - In Massachusetts - both Senators Kerry and Kennedy are sponsors; New Jersey - both Senators Menendez and Lautenberg are sponsors; Connecticut - both Senators Lieberman and Dodd are sponsors; New York - only Senator Schumer is a sponsor. Senator Clinton is not! Call Clinton at (202) 224- 4451. Ask her to sponsor this bill. If you would like a list of Senators who are sponsors of this bill and other names to contact, please e-mail me at