Posted October 6, 2012


The videos below show violations committed by carriage drivers.  The ASPCA must see the violations directly and will not act on those captured on video if they did not personally witness them.  They will also not take affidavits.  Because they are in the park so seldom and certainly not undercover, they rarely observe  violations.  This information has been given to the authorities who continue to ignore it.

These are examples of violations captured by activists who have felt the necessity to document these abuses because the laws are being ignored.       

  • OVERLOADING CARRIAGE:  The Administrative Code prohibits more than four adults in the carriage.  Yet some drivers continue to ignore this law as evidenced in these videos.  The law is cited in the Administrative Code under the Department of Consumer Affairs – Section 20–372  Definitions5.  "Horse drawn cab" shall mean a horse drawn vehicle operating for hire, so designed and constructed to comfortably seat not more than four adults, or two adults and four children, each of whom is under twelve years of age, or three adults and two children, each of whom is under twelve years of age, in the interior thereof.   

August 26, 2012


July 23, 2012

#1068 – there were two drivers also – one dismounted to guide the horse into making an illegal u-turn.   

July 4, 2012  

#1116 – horse #3642    

June 9, 2012

#1063 -     

March 21, 2012 


  • NOT PAYING ATTENTION  - could be texting, reading while driving, not looking at the road; not paying attention to their horse, which could result in the horse getting away from them.    

June 30, 2012

texting while driving.  This should be illegal but the carriage trade managed to get the Department of Health to rescind proposed changes to their regulations in 2010.  Consequently, carriages drivers continue to read, phone, text and otherwise not pay attention with immunity.  Information and testimony at hearing available upon request from sender of this e-mail. 


 This  regulation is part of the Administrative Code under the Department of Health – Section -  17–330  Regulations. - b.  1.  Horses shall not be left untethered or unattended except when confined in a stable or other enclosure. When tethered, all horses shall be secured by the use of a rope attached to the halter, not to the bit or bridle.

June 9, 2012

the driver allowed his passenger to sit in the seat while he was quite a distance away taking a picture. 

We have  several photographs drivers who are standing far away from their horses.  They should be holding them on a lead line if they are dismounted.  CONA (carriage operators of north America) has an article on just this subject in their current issue.  It is extremely poor horsemanship.  Inattentive, inexperienced and careless drivers often contribute to horses spooking and bolting.

This is Ian McKeever.  We have others with McKeever by himself doing the same thing. 

May 1, 2009

May 25, 2010

Driver allowing a young girl to take the reigns.  Very bad. 


March 17, 2012

  • HEAT

August 4, 2012   

this horse is clearly breathing too heavily and with difficulty.  

  • HEAVY RAIN    

The law – Section 4-05. of the DoH regulations  Working Conditions.
 (b) Environment. (1) Owners shall not allow a horse to be worked on a public highway, path or street during adverse weather or other conditions which are a threat to the health or safety of the horse and the public. Adverse weather conditions shall include but not be restricted to snow, ice, heavy rain or other slippery conditions. A horse being worked when such conditions develop shall be returned to the stable by the most direct route as soon as practicable.

July 26, 2012






July 25, 2012

this driver hit the person filming, which is why the sound went off.

  • SNOW

Drivers should not be working in heavy snow.

2008 -  this still continues.   

June 23, 2012



July 21, 2012

Christina Hansen, former Philadelphia driver and part owner of Blue Star Equiculture comes to NYC, gets her carriage driver’s license here and tries to provoke activists .  She is also the spokesperson for the Horse & Carriage association.


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