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Please sign this petition to the NYC Council.  We implore them to supportIntro 573,the bill that will ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC. . This has been a long time in coming and we finally have a Mayor who understands that horses do not belong in the crowded and congested streets of NYC.  It is inhumane and dangerous.  



The petition below is no longer valid.  Please sign the one above toMayor deBlasio and the NY Council  - February 2014

NYC - December 2011

The following is the petition we are using now.  It is on  Weare  focusing on the State legislature rather than the NYC Council because the carriage drivers have too much influence over some of theCouncil Members and the Mayor.  The bill numbers are S667-2013 in the NYS Senate andA997-2013 in the State Assembly.

Thank  you for your support.  

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Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City - NYS  bill needs support


this is an old petition and it is not necessary to sign it anymore.  Thank you.  12/2011

Ban The Carriage Horse Industry in New York City

To:  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg & NYC Council Members


OnJanuary 2, 2006, a horse pulling a hansom cab in Manhattan got spooked andbolted down 9th Avenue, galloping for several blocks before smashing into astation wagon at 50th Street. The horse was badly injured, wrapped around thecar, with his rear legs on top of it and his head on the ground. He was latereuthanized. He was five years old and had only been working in the city for afew months. His name was Spotty. The driver was critically injured and was takento the hospital along with the two passengers of the station wagon. Photo byCatherine Nance

This tragic and horrifying accident did not have to happen. For decades, NYCactivists have sought a ban on this dangerous industry. Hansom cabs are ananachronism in mid town Manhattan's congested streets and belong to anothercentury when there were far fewer vehicles and pedestrians. When they are mixedwith cars, taxis, busses, pedestrians, bikers, and emergency vehicles - firetrucks, ambulances and police cars - they are a recipe for disaster. Othercities such as London, Paris and Toronto have all banned carriage horses.

Please join us in asking the NYC Council and Mayor Bloomberg to ban thisindustry. We encourage not only New Yorkers, but those who live in other statesand countries, to sign this petition. It is time for NYC to move into the 21stcentury and take seriously its moral and ethical responsibility to thesesentient beings while ensuring the safety of its citizens. Surely as a civilizedsociety and America's premier city, we must do no less.


Because horse drawn carriages constitute a danger to people in vehicles, onbicycles and on foot; and
Because they impede the flow of traffic, particularly with respect to emergencyvehicles; and
Because it is inhumane and unbecoming to a great city like New York to forcethese beautiful sentient animals to work in dangerous, unhealthy and unnaturalconditions.

We, the Undersigned, hereby urge Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Council toimmediately ban all horse drawn carriages from the City of New York.


The Undersigned


Coalition To Ban
Horse-Drawn Carriages

A Committee of the Coalition For New York City Animals, Inc.

The Coalition for
NYC Animals, Inc.

P.O. Box 20247
Park West Station
New York, NY 10025


In memory of
Rescued former Boston carriage horse R.I.P. July 20, 2013

To honor
Bobby II Freedom
former NYC carriage horse previously known as Billy ID# 2873 rescued by the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Equine Advocates on June 25, 2010 from the New Holland auctions.

In memory of
Lilly Rose O'Reilly
former NYC carriage horse previously known as Dada ID# 2711 R.I.P.August, 2007