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4 December 2006 - Vol. # 11

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only days left for Senate bill to be passed
horses corralled for slaughterThe American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act - S.1915 must pass before Congress adjourns for the year. If it does not, we will have to start all over again. The majority vote for the bill in the House of Representatives will not carry over into the new session. Tuesday, December 5th is another National Call-In day to the Senate. If you can make only one call this week - please make it to Senator Bill Frist, the Majority Leader. His office number is (202) 224- 3344. Ask him to use his influence to get this bill - S. 1915 out of committee and onto the floor for a vote. The image above is of horses corralled waiting for slaughter.

In addition, please call your own Senators. The Congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121. All you need to say is: "I am a constituent and I am calling to ask that my Senator protect our horses from slaughter and urge Senator Frist to put S. 1915 on the Calendar for a Senate vote. I am very concerned about American horses and I don't want them slaughtered." If you get this e-mail late or cannot call on Tuesday - please call as soon as possible.

how many rides in 9 hours?
crowds at CPSIn an attempt to create an "old fashioned Christmas" - villages, towns and shopping centers all across the United States have holiday events that include Christmas parades, tree lighting, hot cider, ice sculptures, strolling carolers -- and carriage horse rides - often free. This need to hold on to the past is all the more interesting as the stores push the latest in technological devices. New York City is no different. At this time of year crowds literally line up to get the opportunity to pay $34 for a 20 minute ride in Central Park. This is a cash only business and the drivers take full advantage.

A visit to Central Park South on Sunday showed crowds lined up in the chilly weather. While the law allows for two adults and four kids under 12 - it does not provide for a heavy baby carriage crammed into the seat next to the driver (surely it weighs as much as a small child); nor does it provide for two people sitting in the driver's seat. There was no one visible from the ASPCA to monitor these types of infractions or to see that the horses get a regulated break - 15 minutes every two hours. No, these drivers were working the horses into the ground and many looked exhausted. Money is the name of the game. Some of the drivers stand up and even turn around with their back facing the horses as they take pictures or talk to the passengers. This is not illegal but is an accident waiting to happen - especially when there are so many carriages vying for the narrow path into the park. Please help these horses by telling everyone you know not to take a carriage ride -- especially people visiting NYC.

Proceeds to benefit our Coalition and CNEER
HOLIDAY CARDHoliday Cards, featuring Monty, the former carriage horse who was rescued from slaughter and is now living the good life in Massachusetts, are now available for purchase. The cards are a heavy quality paper with blue and white snow flakes on the front and back and feature a series of five images of Monty frolicking in the snow and having the time of his life. The inside of the card, which is white, reads "May you enjoy the simple pleasures of this Holiday Season." The back of the card has a short story of Monty and the plight of carriage horses. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Central New England Equine Rescue (CNEER) - home of Monty. There will be a limited quantity available so please send us your order as soon as possible. These are wonderful cards to send out or keep - no matter what holiday (or not) you observe.

To see more information about these beautiful cards, visit our web site. To read more about Monty, visit Happy Endings on the web site of the Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc.

PRICING: (5) cards - including postage and handling - $17.35; (10) cards - including postage and handling - $33.31; (20) cards - including postage and handling - $65.20; Checks or Cash only accepted. Checks must be made out to Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc.; P.O. Box 20247, Park West Station, New York, NY 10025. If you would like to pick up the cards in Manhattan at certain locations, let us know at the e-mail below and we will see if it can be accommodated.

this Sunday, December 10th
horse pulling carriageThe Coalition to Ban Horse- Drawn Carriages will be tabling this Sunday, December 10th. If you can volunteer some time to help get signatures on petitions to the Mayor and City Council to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry, please contact Teresa at