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13 November 2006 - Vol. # 8

American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act - call your Senator
horses corralled for slaughterMonday, November 13th is "National Call-In Day" for the horses. Please call your Senator and ask that he/she co-sponsor the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act - S 1915. This bill would "prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption, and for other purposes." It would effectively shut down the three foreign owned horse slaughter plants in the US.

If you live in New York State - Please call Senator Hillary Clinton - at (202) 224- 4451 and ask her to co-sponsor this bill. Senator Schumer is already a co-sponsor. Go to the Senate web site for contact information for your senator. Ask them to add their name if they are not yet a sponsor of S. 1915. Or call (202) 224-3121, which is the Congressional telephone number for both houses. The picture above shows corralled horses waiting for slaughter.

Defend your right to speak for animals - Call your Congressman
NO AETAThe Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act or AETA - HR 4239 is scheduled to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives on Monday, November 13th. If passed, this bill could make illegal anything from protesting such animal exploitative and abusive industries as puppy mills, gray hound racing, factory farming, animals in circuses and rodeos; laboratories - - and the carriage horse industry - to name just a few. It will have a very chilling effect and cripple those who advocate for animals. WE MUST ACT NOW. Call your Congressman at 202- 225-3121 (switchboard) and ask that he/she vigorously oppose this bill. To find your Congressman, click here.

From NOAETA's web site: "The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act poses the most serious threat to free speech and social justice advocacy in years. Violent or other illegal activities are already prohibited by law. This bill brands nonviolent activism as terrorism and imposes unfairly harsh penalties on animal protection advocacy. ......... Laws should apply equally to all groups and individuals, and terms like "terrorist" should be accurately and judiciously applied. The consequences of AETA are far-reaching. Animal protection activists are only the first to be singled out. If we allow this bill to become law, other social justice movements may be the next target."

AETA is opposed by more than 130 animal protection, social justice, and civil liberty organizations. We have proudly added our name to the extensive and growing list of those organizations that oppose AETA.

Virginia Beach says NO to carriage rides
The Virginia-Pilot reported that on Tuesday, November 7, a divided Virginia Beach City Council voted to reject a contract to allow horses as an Oceanfront attraction from November to April. What was an expected victory went sour for since a motion needs a majority to pass.
Along with objections by the Virginia Beach SPCA and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were several towns people speaking in opposition. "I have seen the faces of these carriage horses," said Debbie Chissell, a city resident who stood with her young daughter. "They are sad."

this Saturday, November 18th - Note new location
Donny Moss tablingThe Coalition to Ban Horse- Drawn Carriages will be tabling this Saturday, November 18th. If you can volunteer some time to help get signatures on petitions to the Mayor and City Council to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry, please contact Teresa at