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30 October 2006 - Vol. # 6

A big success
Our fund raiser at the No Malice Palace was a big success thanks to all of you. The place was packed. Dan Piraro and Fiona Walsh lent their comedic talents and Deni Bonet gave a rousing musical performance. Nellie McKay, whose filming schedule prevented her from performing at our party, made a surprise visit and gave a very poignant statement in support of a ban on the horse-carriage trade. Our slide show, which provided a pictorial image of this issue, was very well received.

We were thrilled to have as our guests Vicky Berry and Cheryl Syriac from Central New England Equine Rescue - home of rescued, former carriage horses Monty and Lilly who are finally living a peaceful, happy life. Vicky's son Tom drove them all the way from the Springfield, MA area to show their support.

And it's not too late to donate
The exquisite paint and ink drawing by Marshall Arisman - "Work Horses" - was sold. However, all the other pieces are still available -- a charcoal drawing of Union Square by John Ruggeri; A Sue Coe lithograph - "Action Mules at Toyota Dealership"; an embossing "Journies" by Rand Huebsch similar to a bas relief - shown to the left; and lovely portraits of horses done in pastels by Carol Brown - one shown above. These will be available until the end of the year. They would make an excellent gift - for a loved one - or for yourself. You will be helping us raise money for the carriage horse issue and at the same time acquiring valuable art. If you are interested in submitting a bid please click here.

If you have not yet donated to our carriage horse advertising campaign, it is not too late. We are still a little shy of our goal. Please be part of history by making a contribution. The horses are counting on all of us to help them and we cannot do this without you. The year end holidays are a very busy time for the horse- carriage trade when people line up to take rides. It is heart breaking to see how overworked and unappreciated the horses are.

This Saturday, November 4th
volunteers tablindAfter two Saturdays off, the Coalition to Ban Horse- Drawn Carriages will be tabling this Saturday, November 4th. If you can volunteer some time to help get signatures on petitions to the Mayor and City Council to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry, please contact Teresa at