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9 hurt at county nursing home event: Horse-and-wagon accident occurs during picnic
By C.J. Marshall, Staff Writer - THE DAILY AND SUNDAY REVIEW
Towanda, PA - 08/17/2007

WEST BURLINGTON - Nine people were taken to hospitals on Thursday following an accident involving a horse and wagon at the Bradford County Manor. None of the victims' identities have been released to the public at this time. According Connie Taylor, Assistant Director of Nursing at Bradford County Manor, a picnic was being held for residents and staff members at the facility on Thursday. Part of the festivities, she said, included a horse-drawn wagon that people could take rides on.

Taylor said that a "slight accident" occurred involving the wagon, injuring nine people in the process. Three of the people are manor residents, Taylor explained, three are county employees, and three are volunteers. Taylor declined to give the names of those involved in the accident, explaining that additional information would have to be obtained before they could be released. Troy Fire Chief Roy Vargson reported that the Guthrie One helicopter transported one of the accident victims from the scene. The rest, he said, were transported via various ambulances.

In addition to Troy Fire Department, other emergency responders at the scene included Western Alliance, East Smithfield, and the ambulance from Memorial Hospital, Vargson said. Mary McKerrow, administrator at the Bradford County Manor, said later that no further information can be provided to the public at this time because of HIPPA privacy regulations. She said the manor may be able to release additional information in the near future.

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