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Horse wedged on roadside railings

Portsmouth, England
BBC News - Nov. 30, 2006

A horse had to be rescued after it was startled by city traffic and became trapped on top of railings.

Firefighters used cutting equipment to release the horse

Firefighters, police and a vet were called to Stubbington Avenue, in Portsmouth, to tend to the horse on Thursday afternoon.

An eye witness described how the animal had been startled by a car, bolted and tried to jump a roadside railing.

But its trap prevented the horse clearing the obstacle and it came down wedging itself on the railing.

Stubbington Avenue had to be closed and a diversion put in place during the incident at about 1430 GMT.

Eyewitness Margaret Hagstrom, said: "I think a car nicked the trap, the horse bolted, tried to jump the railing and he's landed on top.

"He literally couldn't move."

The horse, which was uninjured in the incident, was successfully freed after firefighters used cutting equipment on the railings.

[A trap is a cart, which is tied to the horse]

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