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Drivers, Horses to Go Hungry Over Port Ban

7/25/06 - Greece's International English Language Newspaper

Horse and carriage drivers in Hania, Crete, yesterday threatened to go on
hunger strike and starve their animals after the city’s port authority
banned them from providing rides to tourists along the waterfront.
The decision to evict the drivers was made following an accident on
Friday night in which a startled horse dragged its carriage into the sea
and drowned. Five people had to be rescued from the water by onlookers.
However, as the drivers protested in front of the prefecture yesterday,
they said the authorities were just using the accident as a pretext to
force them away from Hania’s historic Venetian port.
The drivers said that if authorities had not reversed their decision by
this morning, they, and their horses, would go on a hunger strike. They
said they would then burn their carriages in the port.

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