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Kevin Goodwin
The Sarotogian - July 1, 2006

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- People won't see horses and carriages going up and down Broadway this summer. Tony and Kathleen Canzone, owners of Saratoga Horse and Carriage Company, have been in business for 12 years. Tony Canzone said Commissioner of Public Safety Ron Kim is using 'the umbrella of public safety to keep us off Broadway.'

Commissioner Kim disagrees. He says he isn't forcing anyone off of Broadway.

'He has a place right across the street to drop off passengers,' Kim said.

Last year, a Special Livery Ordinance was passed by then-Accounts Commissioner Stephen Towne. The ordinance covers taxicabs, equine-drawn carriages, and pedi-cabs. The ordinance is eligible to be reviewed every other year, which Kim plans to do after the summer season. He plans to form a committee, review it at the end of the year and have a community-wide discussion.

Commissioner Kim said drop-offs at Putnam and Spring streets are still in use, but he just moved the drop-off in front of the parking lot between Lillian's and Professor Moriarty's to next to Borders bookstore.

'They are still essentially on Broadway,' Kim said. 'My decision is my decision.'

Kim said the area between the two entrances of the lot is barely large enough to fit a standard size car, let alone a horse and carriage.

'That area is really congested with the lot and benches,' Kim said. 'It's like a mini-town center.'

Canzone has started a petition of people and businesses in favor of the carriages.

'Saratoga is a horse town,' Canzone said. 'We bring in middle- to upper-class tourists to town. These people shop in our boutiques and eat in our restaurants.'

Canzone said parking has always been a problem, but it was worse three to four years ago. They unload on the curbside and have a minimum of two people aboard to ensure safety.

Saratoga Horse and Carriage Company has three carriages and one spot (Division Street) near Broadway to unload passengers by Borders.

Canzone said the carriages go 5-to-10 mph, which doesn't affect the Broadway traffic.

'He (Kim) has very lame arguments,' Canzone said. 'This will put a family-owned business right under.'

Kim said he heard Canzone's case and doesn't believe it will ruin his business.

'My decision's final,' Kim said. 'At this point, let's move on with the summer and do what we need to do.'

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