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By O’Ryan Johnson and Renee DeKona – Boston Herald – October 1, 2005

A horse leading one of the carriages that take riders for romantic trips around downtown suddenly collapsed last night, making for a heart-wrenching scene as the animal clapped the pavement with its hooves trying desperately to stand up.

The horse was on State Street near Faneiul Hall about 9 p.m. when it went down, prompting calls to EMTs who could do little for the animal.

Passersby who stopped to watch the sad scene teared up as EMTs stood by waiting for a veterinarian to arrive.

The vet got there about 11:15 p.m. A fire department dispatcher said the MSPCA had also arrived to move the horse to a large animal clinic. 

Toby was euthanized a few days later.

Toby’s Memorial Page – from Central New England Rescue

What we know ....

Toby worked the streets of Boston from early morning until evening most of his days. . . pulling people through the sight seeing areas of Boston often in heavy traffic. The heat from the streets in the summer make life very difficult for these beautiful draft horses.

Toby was a Percheron gelding who at seven (7) years old died from what appears to be exhaustion. He collapsed in front of Fanneuil Hall and never was able to see a green pasture here on this earth again.

Toby, we hope is resting and playing as any 7 year old horse should be allowed to do. He was not able to do it on this earth in his lifetime.

God Bless Toby ...and please keep him in mind the next time you see these hard working carriage horses in the streets of busy cities. Some owners take great care to see that their horses are well cared for and rested...... other owners only look at these magnificent creatures as a means to make money. (We have a horse here in the rescue that was Toby's stable mate. Monty made this rescue aware of the plight of some carriage horses, Monty was rescued from slaughter.) In Toby's Memory please be sure what kind of owner you are dealing with when you take a carriage ride...if awareness of their quality of life is raised by these words then his death is not in vain.

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