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Roxanne D.

I ask the Mayor not to sign Intro 35 because unlicensed carriage 
drivers with horses will still work in congested spots such as Time  
Square and 34th street till 3 AM alongside commercial trucks and   
sanitation trucks. There is no oversight of this industry especially after  
6 pm when the ASPCA cruelty hotline is closed.

Cabs are required 2 million insurance, pedicabs 200,000 and yet   
carriage industry only 20,000 in insurance. All cab drivers and pedicab  
drivers must have driver licenses. Yet only new carriage drivers not all   
under this bill are required to have driver licenses.

The blankets and 5 weeks of vacation in this bill is window dressing.   
Well fed healthy horses don't need blankets. The major issue is the   
horses passing out in the summer because of the hot pavement, no   
shading and all the exhaust in their lungs. And vacation is a human   
concept and doesn't change the current inhumane environment.

Would a sweat shop be acceptable if it provides the exploited workers   
with 5 weeks vacation without any improvements in the workplace?

And this worker rights is also a window dressing. The 47% fare   
increase goes to the owners of the industry and not the workers.   
There is no mandate of a fix wage for the drivers/workers in the bill.   

Most of the drivers at night are Mexicans who are just as exploited as  
the horses but won't say so since a lot of them are illegals. Hence why   
the can't obtain driver licenses.

I'm disturbed by these facts:

-Queens council member Gennaro received substantial donations from   
the industry. Is this why he introduced the bill?

-Also Father Jordan, the same man who helped in the early release of    
ex-officer Schwartz who took part in sodomizing an immigrant, is using   
St Francis to support this bill.

The lack of morality of some in city hall and the church disappoints me.   

PLEASE don't sign this bill and restrict the horses to the park at least.

Coalition To Ban
Horse-Drawn Carriages

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To honor
Bobby II Freedom
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In memory of
Lilly Rose O'Reilly
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