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Jill Weitz      

Good afternoon, Mr. Mayor. My name is Jill Weitz, and I am a resident and native New Yorker. Intro 35a will not improve conditions for the carriage horses. It is window dressing for a rate hike for a special interest. The only humane solution in 21st century New York is to take the horses off the streets for good.      

There is another issue that should be of serious concern to consumers and taxpayers. A New York Post article on November 15, 2009-- “Taken for a Ride: Carriage Trade Rips Off Tourists”-- documents overcharging. You can see if for yourself online. As of yesterday, two websites advertised a 40-minute ride for $120.  On Valentine’s Day, the price went up to $174—almost 400% over the legal price of $44.

Mayor Bloomberg, why are you rewarding an industry that rips off consumers? According to the Post report, the DCA issued 37 violations in 2009, mostly for overcharging.  We’ve seen what has happened with overcharging by taxis and the same thing is happening here. However, the carriage business is more brazen—it does it in plain view online.

In addition, there is no accountability. The business is cash only and there are no meters. And they pay no concession fees to the city even though they operate in Central Park. Do they pay taxes? The question is not how much are we making from the carriage business, but how much are consumers and taxpayers losing from this tourist trap?

Frommer’s includes carriage rides on its list of things to avoid in New York, along with three-card monte. It is bills like Intro 35a that make people cynical about government.  In this case, special interest politics will cost consumers and taxpayers handsomely.

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