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Dena Allen 

My name is Dena Allen an I am with the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.  We have collected over 50,000 signatures of people from all over the world – the tourists – who want to shut down the horse-drawn carriage industry.  These are some of their comments from our online petition  

Canada:  Shame on your city for allowing this abuse.   

Wisconsin:  When I'm in NYC I always refuse to ride in the carriages. Come on NYC it's time to put this practice in the past.    

Rome, Italy - I urge a total ban on horse drawn carriages. I will not visit NYC until there is a ban.   They are an archaic form of entertainment that are dangerous to the public and to the horses. This welfare bill does not help the horses.    

Marina Del Rey, California - The Carriage Horse Industry in New York City is an atrocity and should no longer be tolerated in a civilized and evolved society    

Limerick, Ireland - I strongly urge Mayor Bloomberg to find compassion in his heart and stamp out the cruelty and suffering on the streets of New York by ending horse drawn carriages for good, history will look be and see you as being a true hero    

Kansas City, Kansas - A dangerous, outdated and cruel practice. It needs to end immediately for the benefit of the public and the animals. Keeping an antiquated practice alive solely so that a few people can make money at it is irresponsible and dangerous.     

Mumbai, India  - Its not fair on the horses to have to pull carriages amidst all the vehicle in NYC.   

Oregon:  Please end this unkind, unfair and outdated practice. NYC has set the pace for health and awareness with cigarette taxes and smoking bans and trans-fat bans. This should be part of your commitment to health, humanity and modern thought.    

North Yorkshire, England:  Bring NY into the 21st Century and ban this barbaric "attraction"    

Santiago, Chile -  Forcing a horse to work under these conditions is as unethical as slavery. Do the ethical thing, ban the carriage horse business    

Ohio -  Please stop this practice and let horses be in their natural environment, not in the streets of NYC.    

Macon, Georgia -  New York  is my favorite city but this tradition is barbaric and must stop.


Coalition To Ban
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