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Edita Birnkrant  
New York Director, Friends of Animals      
March 12th, 2010—Committee on Consumer Affairs Hearing       

Testimony in support of Intro 92, introduced by Council Member Annabel Palma  
I’m Edita Birnkrant, New York Director of Friends of Animals, an international advocacy organization incorporated in New York City 1957, with many thousands of New York members. I also co-founded the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.    

We endorse Council Member Palma’s bill, Intro 92.    
More than 200 carriage horses live a chaotic and sometimes deadly existence in our city. When they can no longer be exploited for profit, they are auctioned off. Intro 92 would end this disturbing scene.     

We oppose Council Member Gennaro’s Intro 35, which provides a rate increase for drivers—despite their routine violations of the law by overcharging customers.      

Council Member Mark-Viverito’s Intro 86 would replace the industry with antique cars. This innovative concept, to have our support, needs added language, as in Intro 92, that would have the horses go to a sanctuary rather than end up being auctioned or slaughtered, and we would support the idea of merging both bills.     

Using horses as vehicles is no longer considered quaint, as evidenced by the major cities worldwide that have discontinued the habit, or are experiencing outcries against it. New York City should lead by a humane and respectful example.    

 Our New York members and supporters urge this Committee to vote for Intro 92.


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