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  19-174  Passengers  boarding  horse drawn cabs. a. The commissioner  shall designate by rule specific locations on the streets,  avenues  and  roadways  which  shall  be the sole locations where passengers may board  horse drawn cabs if such passengers  have  not  prearranged  such  horse  drawn  cab  rides  in accordance with the provisions of subdivision b of  this section and any rules promulgated pursuant thereto.

b. (1) Horse drawn cabs may accept passengers on a  prearranged  basis  in  areas  and  at  times  that  are  not restricted pursuant to section  20-381.1 of the code. Such prearranged rides shall commence in front  of  hotels  and  restaurants that have obtained the approval of the owner of  the premises at which such hotel or restaurant is located. (2) This subdivision shall not be construed to permit  the  operation,  parking,  stopping or standing of any horse drawn cab in any area at any  time where or when such operation,  parking,  stopping  or  standing  is  prohibited by any other law or rule.    c.  The  department  shall annually review existing locations of horse  drawn cab stands and any proposals by the  department  and  any  written  proposals by others to establish or eliminate horse drawn cab stands and  shall  report  the  results of such review to the mayor and the council.  This report shall include a list of those locations proposed to be added  or eliminated, those considered by the department, the reasons  why  any  proposal  was  not  considered and the reasons why the department did or  did not establish or eliminate a horse drawn cab stand at each  proposed  location  that  was  considered.  Such  report shall be submitted to the  mayor and the council within sixty days after the close  of  the  fiscal  year.

   19-175   Variance  for  special  events.  a.  Notwithstanding  the  provisions of section 20-381.1 of the code, the owner or operator  of  a  horse  drawn cab may apply for a variance from the provisions of section  20-381.1 for the limited purpose of carrying out a contract to provide a  horse drawn  cab  for  the  filming  of  a  movie,  television  show  or  commercial, or for a wedding, parade, or other special event as shall be  defined  by  the commissioner by rule. The commissioner shall grant such  variance when he or she determines that the issuance  of  such  variance  would  not have an adverse effect on vehicular or pedestrian congestion,  commencement of theatrical productions or public safety.   

b. A variance application shall be in such form as prescribed  by  the  commissioner  and  shall  be submitted to the commissioner no fewer than  three business days prior to  the  date  of  the  event  for  which  the  variance is requested.

c.  The  commissioner  may  require  the  payment  of  an  application  processing fee in an amount to be established by rule.

d. The commissioner shall issue a document  specifying  the  variance.  Whenever  a  horse drawn cab is being operated in accordance with a duly  issued variance, such variance shall be carried by the  driver  of  such  horse  drawn  cab  and  shall be produced upon the demand of any police,  traffic, parks  or  other  enforcement  officer  authorized  to  enforce  section 20-381.1 of the code.

e.  Use  of  a variance by any person other than the person to whom it  was issued, or for any purpose other than the purpose for which  it  was  issued,  shall subject the person using such variance to a civil penalty  of not less than five hundred dollars.

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